The Raw Alignment Retreat
July 23rd - 28th    *    Big Island, Hawaii


enhance your wellbeing 

let go of what's holding you back

immerse yourself in positivity

express, adventure, and explore

all with Alyse as your guide
Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Soul
Eat Vibrantly
100% Plant Powered » All meals will be composed of high alkaline, fresh fruits & vegetables accompanied by cooked plant foods and occasional healthy desserts! 

Enjoy 3 prepared meals every day » made with love by our retreat chefs.

Tropical Fruit » Expand your pallet and try new foods. You will have the opportunity to taste an abundance of Hawaii's in-season fruits.

Food Demos » Learn how to make easy and satisfying creations with the guidance of Alyse and our retreat chef! We strive to prepare + motivate you to re-create anything that you have tried at this retreat once you return home.
Get Motivated
Daily Workshops » As a group we will deep into sharing our struggles and embracing our greatest gifts. This safe, loving space is where most breakthroughs take place during every Raw Alignment Retreat.

Set Goals » As a group we will take time to set goals for every aspect of our lives, brainstorm specific action steps to help us effectively progress towards these goals, and collaborate with others for further growth and accountability.  This is merely one of our many group activities over the course of the entire retreat.

Extinguish Limiting Beliefs » With each new day of this retreat you are likely to feel more empowered, confident, and dedicated to bridge the gap between your current self and the best version of yourself. 
Move Your Body
Yoga » Give yourself the gift of heart expanding and hip opening stretches. Classes will be led by a certified yoga teacher 3 mornings of the week.

Bodyweight Workouts » Be prepared to get sweaty in bodyweight workout classes led 3 mornings of the week. Every exercise can be modified to be more or less challenging.

Hike & Swim » It's adventure time!  To balance out our time spent diving into group workshops we will be visiting  some of the most beautiful beaches, local markets, and waterfalls on the island. Together we will hike, swim, climb, & snorkel! Although there are set days for these activities on the itinerary, this is subject to change depending on the weather. 
reflections from retreat alumni
  •  Clean & Organized: Every room is pristine and orderly.  Towels and toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen, etc.) are provided.
  •  Magical & Abundant: This beautiful and spacious sanctuary is located in South Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. It consists of one main structure overlooking the ocean with sunset views (where we will share meals, group workshops, yoga and meditation) and multiple cottages (where the all retreat guests and staff will be staying). Tropical fruit and healthy snacks will be available at all times between meals to ensure you are always well nourished and provided for.
Activity Schedule
Meet Your Host
Alyse Brautigam
Hi love!
If you're new here, please allow me to introduce myself... My name is Alyse. I am the CEO of Raw Alignment, a community that guides people worldwide to enhance their well being and manifest their dreams into reality. I am also a certified health coach (with The Institute For Integrative Nutrition) and a major self care advocate. 

I have hosted 5 retreats in the past two years and it's fair to say I am obsessed with watching people's mindsets transform within a matter of days. My intention is to help you see your true potential, your unique gifts, and align with your highest self. This retreat has a heavy emphasis  on group workshops which provide a safe space to share your stories, challenges, and limiting beliefs that you may be carrying within. This experience has the potential to radically shift your life for the better.
traveling with someone?
*SAVE MONEY: Share a bed!
prices listed below are per person
Queen Bed in Shared Room »  ($2300)
Queen Bed in Private Room »  ($2800)
traveling solo?
Twin Bed in Shared Room »  ($3000)
Queen Bed in Shared Room »  ($3300)
Queen Bed in Private Room »  ($3800)
(discount applies to ALL accomodation options)

Want to receive the travel buddy rate but don't have a travel buddy? 
No worries! We'll link you up with someone who has similar interests :)
*Note: This retreat is all inclusive
*Cost includes healthy vegan meals, nature immersed accommodations, group workshops, fitness + yoga classes, island activities, and airport pick up/drop off.
* You will fly into Kona Airport. (airfare is not included)
~ payment plans available upon request ~
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s included?
» 4 workshops covering personal development, relationships, self love, manifestation + goal setting
» 2 support group style discussions covering topics of depression, anxiety + addiction
» Yoga, bodyweight workouts, guided meditation + affirmation sessions
» An abundance of locally grown, organic, & beautifully prepared vegan meals, snacks, and beverages throughout your entire stay
» Magical accommodations overlooking the pacific ocean with sunset views
» Daily Hawaii adventures to beautiful white and green sand beaches, local farmers markets, + more!
» Natural body care products ~ shampoo, conditioner, soap, face cleanser, face masks, etc.
» Transportation to and from the airport

Do I need to participate in every activity/adventure?
Nope! All group sessions + adventures are completely optional. However to receive the FULL experience we recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things :)
How is the Raw Alignment Retreat different from any other retreat?
The Raw Alignment Retreat is a special blend of healthful living, community, adventure, movement and rejuvenation. You can expect to experience breakthroughs, let go of limiting beliefs, explore the Big Island and form DEEP, meaningful relationships with the other guests + staff members.

Where should I fly into?
Kona International Airport

How many other people will be at the retreat?
We will have a maximum of 28 guests + 6 staff members

What should I bring?
Upon acceptance to the retreat we will provide you with a full packing list!

What if I have specific dietary requirements?
We accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies. Please be sure to let us know in advance so the chef is aware of your needs + can provide delicious meals that meet your personal needs.
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